Het allermooiste ding



Ashley Spires


ISBN (NL): 978 90 5341 720 1
ISBN (BE): 978 90 5927 600 0
32 pagina’s
NUR 273
230 x 230 mm



Julia heeft een prachtig plan. Samen met haar hond gaat ze het ALLERMOOISTE DING maken dat er ooit gemaakt is!
Ze weet precies hoe het eruit gaat zien. Ze weet precies hoe het werkt. Hartstikke makkelijk, dus. Of toch niet?

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Over de Engelse versie

This is a solid choice with a great message that encourages kids not to quit in the face of disappointment but rather to change their perspective and start over. – School Library Journal

In the end, it’s precisely the kind of book we need for kids these days. Perfection is a myth. Banged up, beat up, good enough can sometimes be the best possible solution to a problem. A lesson for the 21st century children everywhere. – Elizabeth Bird,

Young readers will love the surprise ending. Readers learn that not everything comes out “just the right way” instantly. – International Reading Association

The Most Magnificent Thing is a wonderful fable about effort and reward, in a tone perfectly understandable to younger children. A definite addition to public and primary school collections. – CM Magazine

An entertaining book for the very young, this is also a useful reminder that most problems can be worked out if we give it time. Spires’s digital artwork does a masterful job of injecting humour. – The Montreal Gazette

Without being heavy-handed, the author has shown how perseverance, determination, vision, and dealing with your emotions can pay off. Illustrations add charm to the story … This is a good read-aloud. – Library Media Connection